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  None tictactoe.jar 10.7 K
TicTacToe game as JAR file.

Start with:
java -jar tictactoe.jar
java -jar tictactoe.jar X Y
  X = size of the game, default: 17
  Y = number of consecutive tokens needed to win, default: 5
You can also start it as a "connect four variant":
java -jar tictactoe.jar 10 4 fall
  Zip/Winzip [0.4] 27.7 K
TicTacToe game including sources; allows to specify the board size and the minimum number of consecutive tokens for a win constellation; you can also enable gravity to convert it into a 'connect four'-style game
Creative Commons license: Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported
  PNG Image tictactoe-as-gomuku-variant.png 43.7 K
Example screen dump

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